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Work type: Argumentative essays
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Academic level: College (3-4 years: Junior, Senior)
Subject or Discipline: Finance
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Paper format: MLA
# of pages: 3
Spacing: Double spaced
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Paper details: Present discussions in paragraph form with itemized headings for each of the 3 questions below. Consider each one as a two-to-four paragraph essay. Your report should be a non-sensitive, impersonal business report befitting a literate graduate from a top-50 business
school. Mechanical errors, such as spelling mistakes or disagreement between subject and verb tenses detract from quality. A high-impact report incorporates headers, itemization, short paragraphs, and smart sentences. Edit several times before submission.
Essay #1.
Market backdrop and portfolio performance (15 points maximum)
Summarize and reference one financial author who explains why market prices moved as they did during the recent past. Use your words and paraphrase his/her/their argument for “why and what happened to the financial market just then? “Debate the point. Link your portfolio gains, losses, and trading activity to the preceding argument.
Essay #2.
Use beta for your stock to find the economic profit(10 points maximum)
How much economic profit (%) did the start-up common stock create for a well-diversified portfolio? Compute ROR risk-adjusted throughout your common stock holding period.
Essay #3.
Choose one from below (15 points maximum)
Explain the rationale for the transaction that you executed for the second submission.
Document the extent by which the securities you sold at the midpoint perform relative to the replacements. Figure how the ending portfolio balance was affected. Or
Explain the effect of the foreign currency ETF on your portfolio. Discuss whether the currency appreciated or depreciated relative to the USD and other major currencies. Was there any currency for which the exchange rate moved so much during the game that your ending wealth would have been greater had you invested $100,000 beginning wealth to buy and hold that one ETF instead of the portfolio?

Gender Considerations in Home Building

By Jeff K, created on 5th Aug, 2014.
Penning down the best design for home is an ambitious undertaking for home builders. Every home builder knows that the excellence of their design determines how best their building looks. For this reason every home builder must strive to be the best by adopting the best house building techniques. One of the ways to come up with excellent building plans is by integrating gender aspects in the design. Here are building tips that can help home builders to integrate gender aspects in the design.
Social and Casual Atmosphere
As a home builder, it is necessary to create a social atmosphere by designing open floor plans from the kitchen to the living room. This is of utmost importance to women because they are more social than men. In this way, women can talk with family members or guests while cooking. Men may not require an open floor plan because they prefer high levels of concentration when running their errands.
Ample Storage Space In The Kitchen
Women prefer ample storage space to keep lots of items that they buy almost on daily basis. As a home builder, it would be important to install cabinets with many built-ins such as drawer organizers, revolving shelves and pull-out shelves. For men, kitchen designs may not require a bigger space because an average man prefers eating in a hotel to cooking. However, for a married couple, the women needs should take the upper hand when designing the kitchen.
Master Bath Design
Here, it is all about pampering especially for women. Master bath requires large bathrooms with separate shower and bath area to make room for additional features such as chaise lounges. You could take it further by incorporating a television and sound system for purposes of relaxing after taking bath. Remember to install large windows to help in creating a natural bathroom setting. For men, sound system works excellently but television may not be necessary.
Laundry Room
Women spend chunks of time in the laundry room and therefore everything starting from color, space and cloth accessories must be given a special touch. Generally, laundry rooms are located in basements, a place where no woman wants to be alone. It would be necessary to plan the laundry room near the master suite or mudroom. Men often insist on privacy when it comes to laundry room designs because after all many shy away from such kind of tasks. For men, the laundry room may go to the basement or near the garage.